jueves, 12 de marzo de 2015

It took one look

The very first time I saw you
I was delighted by the innocence of your eyes,
The sweetness of your voice, 
The calmness of your soul.

You may say, that this details mean nothing.
But for someone who's looking for love,
they mean everything.
It seems like you were sent from above.

It took one look, for me to notice
That the inner fire inside of me
Was being extinguished,
Or maybe lit up?.

It took one look for me to notice
That the ashes of what had been burned,
Were coming back to their initial form.
I was born again.

There is one more chance,
And no time to waste.
This is my time 
To do things well.

It took one look for me to realize,
That you make me feel alive. 

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