martes, 19 de mayo de 2015


Hope. That was all I had left. I spent all of my days thinking of how things could get better.
All of the sudden, things changed. I stopped thinking, cause actually I started acting.
People come to your life either to make you strong or to show you your weaknesses.
People come to your life to give you lessons.
In the meantime, they can make you experience the most beautiful/terrible feelings. But there's
No reason for not thanking them for what they've done. Because as I said before, they crossed paths with you for a reason.
Everybody should realize this. But they should make sure that they discover the reason.
Sun has risen for me. Life has given me many opportunities. Many people have loved me, many have hated me.
So what? I'm happy to know, that they've made me grow. I'm happy to know that I've helped them.

**NOW try to find the word "Happiness" in this little article :)

Got the pretty picture from here.

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